Meet Luke

Meet Luke - Record Show
My name’s Luke Jackson and I’ve been selling records for 30 years. My first retail job was at Tower Records’ flagship UK store in Piccadilly Circus. It was 1991 and grunge was breaking. Customers I served included The Black Crowes, Flavor Flav, Neil Tennant and Michael Jackson. I first came to Canada in 1992 and was back and forth for years before settling in Toronto in the fall of 1997. I was an early adopter of ebay in the late 90s, selling records and CDs all over the world. Pre-pandemic you’d catch me at record shows within driving distance of Toronto on Sundays in the spring and fall, selling UK pressings to discerning record collectors. I occasionally host record events in my home office in Roncesvalles Village, Toronto. Come for the records, stay for the guacamole and beer.
Luke and Friends
When I’m not selling records I play music and promote concerts. I’m behind a number of popular Toronto events including the annual Songs Of Nick Drake concert, the Roncy Rocks festival, the monthly Catweazle Club, and the occasional Rag Bag Cabaret. My “most recent” album is entitled …And Then Some and was recorded at an all-analogue studio in the Swedish countryside with members of Roxette, and Nick Drake’s string arranger Robert Kirby. Mojo magazine gave it four stars and deemed it “an album it’s impossible not to love”.